Jingmai O’Connor
发布时间: 2013-09-10

    Her current research includes a wide range of topics, mostly dealing with Mesozoic birds and the transition from non-avian dinosaurs. Her interests lie primarily in morphology and what this can tell us about the closest avian out-group, avian diversity in the Mesozoic, relationships between basasl lineages of birds, growth and ontogenetic strategies in extinct groups, ecology, diet, and much more. Herresearch includes: taxonomic revisions of old fragmentary taxa; redescriptions of poorly known species; cladistic analysis of the largest dataset of Mesozoic avian taxa; descriptions of new specimens and species. Interests include ontogenetic differences within a species as well as differences between the development of different lineages of Mesozoic birds; basal bird feathers; the origin of birds; biological differences between Enantiornithes and Ornithuromorpha; the extinction of the Enantiornithes; taxonomy of purported non-avian dinosaurs or basal birds; relationships of basal lineages of birds; origin of the modern avian growth strategy; and the evolution of 'avian' features such as the pygostyle and the nature of their homology between different clades of Mesozoic birds.